Holy Yoga: what a class looks like

HY what a class looks likeSo, we’ve established that I’m fairly obsessive about things, right?


One of my biggest fears going into a Holy Yoga class was not knowing what the flow of the class would be.


Before my first Holy Yoga class, I’d never been any yoga class that wasn’t on my TV. I’m not someone that’s totally comfortable with new experiences.

I like to be prepared.

I know that every teacher is different, but as I plan a six week series to start next Tuesday I thought someone out there might be interested in the class breakdown. These classes are going to be gentle and restorative in purpose, as we root into the Lord to find our rest during the busyness of the holiday season.

And I will add, after taking multiple classes (a day, for nearly a week)  each day at my instructor’s retreat, this is a general idea of how most of the classes ran.

Here’s what an hour-long class will look like…

Welcome: sign in, roll out your mat and get comfortable. I will almost always have you start in mountain pose or simple seated, but child’s and corpse pose are options too.

The start: this is where Holy Yoga differs from other yoga classes. We begin our class with a short devotion and prayer, often in that opening pose. We set our intention for the practice: a verse, a section of verses, readings and thoughts from a book are all possibilities. We’ll return to that intention multiple times throughout class, weaving it through postures.

The working: the more active, almost dance-like part of practice. This is where we flow. Poses might include warriors, down dogs, balance poses. We begin with big movements to warm up the body and move into longer holds in the postures.

And if you don’t know what a pose is, that’s okay. It’s my job as an instructor to give you visual reminders, lots of directives and modification options, and even hand’s on adjustments if you’re okay with it.

After the flow, we slow things down with seated and reclines postures. It’s our cool down time, and when we can really get into some deeper poses.  For this holiday series, I’m planning on shorter working sections and longer cool downs. Those seated and reclined poses can help to release stress while bringing restoration to our bodies in a way that I find especially wonderful. In a regular class, though, that would be flipped with the working part of class.

One thing that we will always focus on throughout the entire class is breathing.

After that slower part, we get to the good stuff. The best stuff. My favorite part of class, and what the entire class has been building to: savasana, final resting pose. It’s that final reclined position on your back, fully relaxed. It’s the purpose of the movement portion of a yoga practice – to tire out both the mind and body so that we can really root into the Lord during that final resting pose. We’ll revisit our intention and it’s when come into a time of guided meditation. That’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise. It’s very simple a time to focus on the intention that we set at the beginning of class and when we open up to what the Lord may have to say to us in this time.

We close in prayer.

I will always try to be available to my students after class. In my experience, a Holy Yoga practice can be an emotional time, but it’s also a time to ask questions about poses. Eventually, my goal is to offer pre or post-class workshops to teach more challenging poses but for this six week series we’ll be focusing on very basic poses.


prepping for your first Holy Yoga class

prepping for your first Holy Yoga class
So, the day of my first Holy Yoga class, I was ready at 2.

Class started at 5.

I might have been a little bit anxious.

I packed and repacked my bag, refilled my water bottle half a dozen times, ran to the bathroom half a dozen times and tried every hairstyle I knew.

It was ridiculous.

And I don’t want you to have to go through the same worry.

What do you really need?

Not that much.

A mat, if you have one. A towel works too. As an instructor, I try to have an extra mat or two for newcomers.

Clothes you can move in. And hopefully don’t slide down too much (you don’t want to be hiking your pants up all the time) and hopefully aren’t see-through in downward dog (the scourge of the yoga community).

Water.  We’re just stretching, you think? Good luck. I sweat more during a yoga practice than I do when I do interval training. I get really thirsty.

A strap, if you have one. Or an old necktie. Or a jump rope. A block is nice, too. Props and helpers aren’t a sign you’re weak. They are invaluable tools that can help anyone get deeper into poses. They can also be that extra inch that gets you into a pose for the first time.

A blanket or towel, if you want. Especially helpful if you have back or knee issues, you can roll it up to place under your hips or knees. Or, if you’re like me, you get cold in the final resting pose and need a little covering.

That’s it.


Except for one thing.

And it’s the most important.

You can leave all of the rest of that at home, as long as you bring this:

an open and willing heart and attitude.

A heart that seeks God.

A heart that wants to hear from Him.

Friends, don’t put limits on where and how God can speak to you. It demeans Him. It puts Him in a box. And it sets up a barrier between you and Him.

And be willing to try poses, even if you think there’s no way. Your teacher should give you many different directives and modifications so that your practice can grow.

What do you stress over when trying something new?

this I know: Holy Yoga


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my decision to pursue becoming a Holy Yoga instructor.

It’s gone so quickly.

I’m so in awe of where God has taken me during this year. He has strengthened and grown me in ways I never knew I was capable of. He’s called me into a deeper relationship with Him and into a deeper knowledge and understanding of His word. He’s prepared me for opportunities I could never have dreamed of.

And He’s taught me a few things that Holy Yoga isn’t…

  • Holy Yoga isn’t all skinny white girls in Lululemon pants.
    At my instructor’s retreat, all shapes, all sizes and all backgrounds were represented. There was even one very brave man who went through it…he was outnumbered by more than 100 women.
    But my classes have seen nearly as many men in them as women, and ages have ranged from teens to a students in their 80’s.
    And the attire – well, it’s ranged from typical yoga wear to shorts and t-shirts to one gentleman in his 80’s that wears the knee pads he uses when he’s installing flooring.
    For reals, friends.
    It’s been all shapes – from super active Jazzercise types to plus sizes. And they’ve all had successes and growth, regardless of their weight. They’ve also all seen struggles.
    Holy Yoga is an incredibly welcoming place to be.
  • Holy Yoga is a judgement free zone.
    Can’t touch your toes?
    It’s okay.
    Can’t remember the names of poses?
    Me neither sometimes.
    Balance an issue?
    It will get better. I promise, just keep with it and it will get better. Speaking from experience on this one.
    Need to take a few extra breaths in child pose or spend part of practice just resting on your mat?
    Oh, I’ve been there. And I’ll probably be there again someday soon.
    Don’t want to take your socks off?
    Well…okay…that’s your call…as long as you’re doing chair yoga.
  • Holy Yoga is not a competition.
    It’s about you and the Lord.
    Not you and the person next to you that can do a wheel into a headstand into a scorpion.
    If you can’t do a pose, do your best. As an instructor, one of my biggest goals is to give you as many modifications as possible so that every single person finds what they need.
    Your practice will grow with consistency.
    And in all honesty, as you’re working your practice and surrender to God’s grace, you don’t even notice others around you.
  • Holy Yoga isn’t all power flows, headstands and perfection.
    It can be, but it doesn’t have to be – the flow part, that is.
    It can be intimidating to follow yoga teachers on Instagram and Facebook, to see the 30 day challenges of craziness and hear that little voice that says:
                      Self, I can’t even. I can’t even stand on one foot or touch my toes. I might as well give up now.
    Remember: no one starts there. And many yogis with regular practice never make it there and that’s perfectly fine. Gentle is good. Slow is good. Making a space – any space – that you can call sacred and meet with God is good.
    It’s never going to be perfect.
    And that’s okay.
    Those imperfections, those places where we feel like we just can’t do it anymore and oh my goodness if we hold this downdog for one more second, I’m going to die – that’s where God meets us most deeply.
    When our physical and emotional selves break down, God breaks through.

And one thing that I know for sure Holy Yoga is:

  • It’s filled with grace.
    The sort of grace that only comes from spending time as you quiet your body, mind and heart before the Lord.
    The sort of grace that says imperfections are okay.
    The sort of grace that welcomes all, encourages all and does away with judgement.
    It’s the grace that lets of go of expectations and seeks God in the moment, breath by breath.
    It’s the grace that makes space – in your heart, your mind, your body – for God to bring change.
    The grace that brings us to God’s feet, in worship and in humility and in the knowledge that apart from Him, we are nothing.

You can find Holy Yoga instructors by searching here.  If there’s nothing in your area, I highly recommend Holy Yoga TV, which brings you several new practices a month of varying levels with excellent directives and instruction (and that I only recently figured out I could download to be able to practice later).


Fit Friday: Holy Yoga TV

Can I share with you one of my favorite new things:10296744_646607002096739_4216245645921873452_n

Holy Yoga TV

For a minimum donation of $10 a month, you can subscribe to Holy Yoga TV and have access to 4 streaming videos a month with some of the best Holy Yoga instructors around.

I’ve done three of this month’s practices, although I haven’t yet attempted the firefly pose breakdown because that’s a bit of a stretch for my practice right now. The three I’ve practiced – a gentle, a slow flow and a power – have all been excellent. The intentions (always Jesus focused), the flow, the instruction are all so glorifying to God. And at about 20 minutes, they’re are just long enough to get in even on a busy day and feel like you’ve actually accomplished something.


Most days, I’m perfectly happy to do my own thing – to design my own practice as I go, but it’s a blessing to be able to practice with Brooke, Amy, Stephanie and JoAnn for new ideas and those helpful reminders about form and breath. In fact, I’m still feeling that super deep karate chop lizard pose Amy leads in her power class. I should probably confess: as a certified instructor who isn’t quite instructing yet, I’m excited to be able to work those flows that I intend to work into my own classes when the time comes.

Looking for a way to begin or grow your yoga practice while entering into His presence?

Here it is.

And it’s tax deductible.

Holy Yoga Retreat


I’ve been pondering how to write this post since I got on the bus to come home from Holy Yoga retreat.

Sitting on that bus, Luke 2:19 kept coming to mind about Mary treasuring things up and pondering them in her heart.

And I knew that was what I needed to do.

God revealed so many Truths to me that week. Not little t situational truths, but capital T Truths from God’s mouth to my heart.


And a lot of them came from the mouth of Brooke Boon. God’s original design for me is an invaluable gift. It’s something I’ve read about, something I’ve studied and something I’ve never fully been able to grasp and live out.


I was pushed and challenged in ways I didn’t expect. Leading up to retreat, I was nervous about whether or not my body would be able to handle all the movement, the altitude and the sleep disruptions. It was hard, but I was shocked at how well I felt the entire week. God truly met me where I needed Him most.

Exhausted? Yes.

Pushed to my brink? Absolutely.

Embraced by a Lord who loves me like crazy? Yep.

He also used my fear about my physical weaknesses to drop another Big T Truth:

I set a lot of limits on myself without realizing it.

It wasn’t easy to hear, but I needed it and it’s been something I’ve carried with me in the month since I came home. No longer am I so easy to say, “I can’t do that” or “My body won’t let me”. I’m pushing myself harder and finding that I can do so much more than I realized.


The Lord called me to go deeper, to be more vulnerable. During one of our evening practices, one of the master instructors that was doing assists, whispered into my ear that I don’t have to strive so hard to be my own Rock, my own Strength.

It was a Big T Truth straight to the heart ugly cry sort of moment that I will look back on years from now as a turning point in my relationship with my Savior.

We say in Holy Yoga that it’s Jesus first, yoga second and that was evident in every aspect of the week. It was a huge leap of faith for me to begin this training in January. It was a bigger leap for me to journey to retreat, to take my hermit-self on a plane and a bus to sleep in a cabin for a week with people I’d never met while I physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted itself.

I made friends that I have come to treasure.

I made sisters that I can call on to pray for me and to encourage me in times of need.

I discovered who God created me to be.

And I learned how to teach yoga.

the craziest thing I’ve ever done

source unknown

This weekend, I did the craziest thing I’ve ever attempted.

I paddle-boarded with four Holy Yoga instructors.

And I did a little – very little – yoga on that paddle-board.

I fell in once…and let’s be honest, it was totally expected. Awkward girl gets fit, here.

Downward dog…pigeon…standing up…that’s about all I had the courage to do, but it was enough.

My family is still amazed. There were fish in that water – a big huge neuroses of mine – and they’re still talking about that.

But I’m not that girl…the one who is adventurous and tries new things…who goes to yoga classes where she knows no one…who spends the better part of day with women she barely knows…who allows herself to be vulnerable.

I’ve always been timid and fearful and in control and a rule follower.

That’s changing.

Maybe not that rule follower part. That’s pretty ingrained and not necessarily a bad thing.

The more I follow this crazy Holy Yoga path the Lord has led me to, the more I’m breaking free of those fears.  For years, I’ve claimed 2 Timothy 1:7 as my life verse…

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of sound mind.

…but I feel like for the first time, I’m truly living it.

Through meeting those other amazing sisters in faith who’ve answered the same call from the Lord, through time spent in prayer on the water in community and alone, through the encouragement and acceptance I felt, He confirmed and cemented the need to pursue this ministry.

Holy Yoga isn’t about perfection.

It’s about connection with the Lord…stretching our faith…growing deeper roots…corporate and individual worship….finding freedom.

And I truly cannot wait to be in a position where I can share that with others.

i need margins


We’re coming up to the time of year I chafe against.

In the next 3 weeks, we’ve got a garage sale, a wedding and a parade plus a big end of the year report and project The Boy has to do (that I’m dreading so very much)…and June won’t be much better.

It’s a time of year I find myself craving the margins even more than usual…the time in between…the down time…time to breathe and to rest and to do nothing.

In this world that so glorifies business and doing, the margins are often neglected.

I know well now that I can’t thrive – to be truthful, I can barely survive – if I don’t mind my margins.

Maybe that’s why I’m loving yoga so much right now, especially first thing in the morning: it builds in a little margin at the beginning of my day.

Maybe that’s why my favorite moment of the day is when I lay on my yoga mat in corpse pose, with my hands up and open, and breathe deeply into my belly while one of my favorite praise songs plays.

Maybe that’s why I’m finding breath coming into my day more and more – that more focused breathing that expands not just the chest, but the whole torso. When stress takes over, I often hold my breath or my breathing is more shallow.  It’s a good quirk to recognize and be able to correct.

And so I’m aware. I’m breathing. I’m practicing. I’m praying. And I’m seeking margins, wherever I can find them.

hello, Friday

mro-fall harvest1 (1)

Hello, Friday.

I’m so very happy to see you.

We started the week with a boy with bronchitis and are ending it with the girl and a virus.

Monday brought explosions that are impacting me just as deeply as 9/11 did. Where 9/11 was grand in scale and just so big, Boston has felt more close, more possible…even in my little corner of the Central California.

This morning brings the possibility of closure for that beautiful city, but  still not answers. Yet.

Today is more blood work, two doctor’s appointment and a husband out of town for the second night the week.

And a pedicure.

To help off-set some of the stress of all of the above.

And yoga.

More yoga.

Yoga is speaking to me more and more, especially as I’m immersing myself in this book.

The movement of our bodies, and the appreciation of God’s gift to us of these holy vessels, allows us to worship our creator not just through our thoughts and our words, but through the very physical entities in which we live.

And this…

In Holy Yoga, we pursue unity of body, mind and His Holy Spirit that dwells within us, with the intent of worshiping and serving Christ with our entire beings.

Holy Yoga, Brooke Boon

Maybe, just maybe, this is the key I’ve been seeking to bring it all together – physical, emotional and spiritual health. The more I read and the more I practice, the more I believe it might be.

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