trim healthy resources

Trim Healthy Resources

I shared last week that I’ve been following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating and love it.

I also mentioned that there’s a bit of a learning curve.

THM is a plan all about giving your body just one fuel – carb or fat – source at a time to work with in order to keep our bodies from storing it as fat, so the vast majority of meals with be heavier in either fats or carbs. It’s also a low glycemic plan, which helps keep blood sugar level and avoid those crashes that lead to overeating.

And honestly, the book is a rather massive read and can be a bit confusing.

That’s where the internet comes in so handy.

  • Gwen’s Nest: Gwen’s nest has it all. Recipes, tips and articles and a wonderful quick start guide complete with shopping list and an easy on-ramp four-week plan.
  • Raising Arrow’s Veggie Guide: helpful if you’re not sure which vegetables work with which meals. This is getting printed off and taped inside a cupboard in my kitchen.
  • Only Passionate Curiosity’s Book Review: this is the review that convinced me to give it a try, with a very easy to understand breakdown of the basics.
  • Quick Start Chart from Faith’s Trim Healthy Life: another great resource for all sorts of info, but that chart is an easy way to plan a week.
  • Darcie’s Dishes: Weekly THM friendly menu plans, with lots of links to recipes and everything neatly labeled.
  • Sheri Graham’s THM recipes and links. So much information!

Don’t forget to look to social media:

  • Facebook: There are many different Trim Healthy Mama groups that I’m finding incredibly helpful. THM Beginners is great, Trim Healthy Mama Whole Foods Style is wonderful if you prefer to stay away from processed foods and sweeteners like stevia, and there’s also a massive general Trim Healthy Mamas group. Be sure to check the files in each group for recipes, meal plans and other helpful printables.
  • Pinterest: There are so many THM boards (including mine)! You can also find an official Trim Healthy Mamas profile with thousands of recipes organized by meal type.

What resources did I miss? I’d love to add them!


100 Healthy Days


I have long been a believer in baby steps to change.

Maybe you’re one of those people who can clean out the fridge and pantry, start a new training program and never look back.

I salute you.

But I’m not one of you.

The changes I’ve made in my life and diet have all been accumulative. They’ve been one change and then another. Some haven’t worked for me. Some haven’t stuck. Sometimes, I have to make the same change over and over and over and over.

And that’s okay.

When we take enough of those baby steps, they can lead to something big.

Big change…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Maybe what you’re celebrating today is not drinking soda.

High five.

Maybe it’s making space for quiet time.

You’re the bomb.

Maybe it’s going for a walk for the first time in ages.

You go.

Maybe it’s making a menu plan full of foods that nourish.


Maybe it’s running a marathon.

You’re crazy and awesome.

Whatever it is, share it. I’m sharing on Instagram (user name skwidlund) and Twitter (also skwidlund), and on Fridays I’ll share some of the photos and thoughts here. Use hashtag #100healthydays so we can find each other.

Don’t let this be stressful. Just let it be one intentional action or change each day. If you miss a day, it’s totally okay. This is one of those big picture things.

On Wednesdays, I’ll share one healthy idea or  focus or tool…in case you need a little prompting.  I know I will.

Baby steps, friends.


I’ve been settling into a new routine (hence the absence) – homeschooling, the kid’s workshops, church and a whole lot more re-evaluating and scheduling my exercise and diet.

We joined the gym, just a few minutes away, and I had a good talk with one of the trainers about my need to lift some weights and how those weird pain issues can make that difficult. She started me off slowly with large muscles lifting only, introduced me to the Arc Trainer and said no more than three days a week in the gym, with walking at home on the other three days and a recovery day on Sunday…plus my Holy Yoga practice with my class once a week (soon to be twice) and short practices by myself.

It’s working.

I’m making progress in all areas without severe, lasting pain. In a week or two, I’ll meet with the trainer again to add some smaller muscle work.

It’s good.

I’m also continuing to evaluate eating, and The Pastor and I are taking part in a 60 Day Body, Mind, Spirit challenge hosted by April Kennedy of Funky Vintage Kitchen. It’s solid clean eating, with a little wiggle room for treats and encompasses not just food and exercise, but spiritual practice as well (something I fully believe is necessary)…though I have to confess I don’t agree with the low-fat, non-fat portion of things (I’m kind of totally ignoring that part to be entirely honest). I think it’s been proven pretty well that what they replace that fat with in dairy and other foods is far worse for you than the fat.

I’m finding some grains are totally okay for me, which means I’m happily reintroducing Ezekiel bread with nut butter into my diet (one of my favorite treats) and had brown rice for the first time in two years. It was awesome and caused me absolutely no issues. I’m still trying to limit grains, but I’m not stressing about them.

I’m feeling less guilt about food.

And less compulsion.

And that’s so incredibly freeing.

I can go to a church breakfast and enjoy the hospitality and gifts of those who lovingly prepared it. I can eat at a potluck or a friend’s home without feeling awkward.  My focus is to eat clean as much as possibly, but to not sweat it when those circumstances when the choices aren’t perfect.

So much of this is being reinforced through the study on the Book of Daniel I’ve been doing, the messages I listen to while walking each morning and my Holy Yoga instructor’s devotionals each week.

After a lot of searching and struggle, I feel like I’m in a wholly positive, sustainable place.

And that is the biggest progress of all.