trim healthy resources

Trim Healthy Resources

I shared last week that I’ve been following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating and love it.

I also mentioned that there’s a bit of a learning curve.

THM is a plan all about giving your body just one fuel – carb or fat – source at a time to work with in order to keep our bodies from storing it as fat, so the vast majority of meals with be heavier in either fats or carbs. It’s also a low glycemic plan, which helps keep blood sugar level and avoid those crashes that lead to overeating.

And honestly, the book is a rather massive read and can be a bit confusing.

That’s where the internet comes in so handy.

  • Gwen’s Nest: Gwen’s nest has it all. Recipes, tips and articles and a wonderful quick start guide complete with shopping list and an easy on-ramp four-week plan.
  • Raising Arrow’s Veggie Guide: helpful if you’re not sure which vegetables work with which meals. This is getting printed off and taped inside a cupboard in my kitchen.
  • Only Passionate Curiosity’s Book Review: this is the review that convinced me to give it a try, with a very easy to understand breakdown of the basics.
  • Quick Start Chart from Faith’s Trim Healthy Life: another great resource for all sorts of info, but that chart is an easy way to plan a week.
  • Darcie’s Dishes: Weekly THM friendly menu plans, with lots of links to recipes and everything neatly labeled.
  • Sheri Graham’s THM recipes and links. So much information!

Don’t forget to look to social media:

  • Facebook: There are many different Trim Healthy Mama groups that I’m finding incredibly helpful. THM Beginners is great, Trim Healthy Mama Whole Foods Style is wonderful if you prefer to stay away from processed foods and sweeteners like stevia, and there’s also a massive general Trim Healthy Mamas group. Be sure to check the files in each group for recipes, meal plans and other helpful printables.
  • Pinterest: There are so many THM boards (including mine)! You can also find an official Trim Healthy Mamas profile with thousands of recipes organized by meal type.

What resources did I miss? I’d love to add them!

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