pre-Whole30: state of my health

I was doing a bit of reading this morning, and loved this post over at Holly Would If She Could (love that blog, by the way!).  I’m so ready for this Whole30 that I’m planning to make a Whole60 and I think it’s important to take stock before we get started.

I’ve been…well…lets just say I’ve been stupid for the past few weeks.

What started with a nibble of a gluten-filled sugar cookie ended up spiraling to a gut-busting amount of popcorn at the movies…and monkey bread and biscuits and gravy on Christmas Day. I’ve eaten foods I haven’t eaten in years, and I’ve remembered why I don’t eat them. Sometimes I like to convince myself that my need to never eat gluten is all in my head. When I woke up in tears the day after Christmas due to muscle and joint pain, I proved again that it isn’t. I like to tell myself that corn and beans don’t actually affect me the way I think they do. After a few days of looking six months pregnant and feeling like I had a stomach bug, it’s safe to say I’m delusional sometimes.

So I’m taking stock. Remembering for the bazillionth time why I choose to eat the way I do. And praying that this time, I remember what it feels like to eat stupid.

  • My hands and feet tingle. Like they’ve been asleep, but they never fully wake up. I know it’s a symptom I have when I’ve consumed gluten, but I’d forgotten how miserable it is.
  • My joints have been freezing up. I wake up at night with my hips hurting, and barely able to move. Thankful this is getting better after just a few days of getting the gluten back out.
  • I feel like my skin in bruised. All of it. There’s really no way to explain this other than to say it hurts.
  • My weight is up. I know that a few pounds is bloat from the inflammatory foods I’ve been eating, but I’m not happy with what the scale said this morning.
  • My sciatic nerve is acting up. So are my knees. I have to thank The Pastor for figuring this one out. I’ve been “eeking” and “ouching” my way through the past week, and he pointed out that I only do that when I’m making bad food choices. He’s right. I’ve found that grains, and gluten containing ones in particular, seem to make me super sensitive.
  • I’m incredibly lazy. We’ve had a busy week, and I’m drained by early afternoon each day. Even changing the laundry is a chore and I don’t want to cook anything.
  • I feel stupid. And not because of how I’ve been eating. I’ve had some crazy mental fog going on – to the point that I can’t seem to finish sentences or come up with the right words.

Honestly, any one of these lovely little health issues would normally be enough to get me back on track and I’m not sure I allowed so many to erupt. As frustrated as I am with myself, I find that with a diet as restricted as I eat I sometimes need solid (and painful) reminders of why I have to do it.

6 thoughts on “pre-Whole30: state of my health

  1. Thank you for this post! You are describing exactly how I’ve been feeling for _years_. My husband and I are trying to start a Paleo lifestyle, but with the holidays and the loss of a beloved family pet, our first few weeks have been a struggle. However, I know how much better I was feeling even after just a few days of the Palio way of eating. I’m looking forward to a 2013 of feeling good!

  2. So right after leaving a comment on your last post I read this one and thought “Wow, I have all of those symptoms too. I wonder if she also has fibromyalgia.” So I checked your about page 🙂 So happy to hear that going gluten-free works! I was diagnosed a few years ago. Doing the Whole30 again (this time might be a whole90) to see exactly what I need to cut out. Part of me thinks that sugar affects me the same as gluten but I’m really hoping that’s not true.

    • I’m so glad you found me! I’m convinced now that given my history of stomach and other weird issues, what my doctor called fibro was probably a gluten intolerance all along. I’m definitely going Whole60 this time, but a 90 might not be a bad idea for me either!

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